QCONS Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. We offer the construction services, consulting and implementing:
Structural Design
MEPF Design
Project and Construction Management
Cost and Tendering Management
Design Verification
Since its inception, QCONS has been making the great effort in enriching the construction knowledge, consolidating our organization, maximizing all resources and improving technology in order to provide the most efficiency, the best quality, and the highest competitiveness capability in the construction industry. Therefore, QCONS is affirming its position in Vietnam market, possessing the high prestige to local and abroad investors with the regarded character: “Build quality – Build trust”.
Hitherto, QCONS has given the valued attendance in many construction projects, including office buildings, high-rise apartment buildings, hotels, resorts, hospitals, factories, and all kinds of civil or industrial projects. So far, all our participation has brought out the customers’ satisfaction, that become the precious experiences to serve our future customers.