Maia Quy Nhon beach resort- International luxury resort in Binh Dinh province (martial arts land)

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Maia Quy Nhon beach resort- International luxury resort in Binh Dinh province (martial arts land)


Since 2017, Quy Nhon has emerged as an attractive tourist destination, blessed by nature with many beautiful beaches and rapids, fine white sand, and a series of scenic spots such as Eo Gio and Ghenh Rang Tien Sa. , Champa Twin Towers, Ky Co Island, Cu Lao Xanh, Phuong Mai Peninsula…

Also right here, located in one of the most beautiful locations along Quy Nhon beach, Vinaliving (part of Vina Capital Group) launched Maia Quy Nhon Resort managed by Fusion Group with a scale of 34.15 hectares. Providing a diverse product chain including high-end hotels, luxury villa resorts with quality infrastructure, planned traffic, and high-class internal amenities:

– Typical culinary restaurant

– Infinity swimming pool close to the sea

– Professional Spa area

– Gym / Gym Fitness

– Children’s play club

– Outdoor entertainment and living area for residents

In more detail, there are 88 villas with geographical advantages that have extremely high connection value:

– Only 20 minutes from Phu Cat airport

– 35 minutes from Quy Nhon city center

– Quickly connect to National Highway 19B – arterial traffic route linking Nhon Hoi Economic Zone – Phu Cat Airport.

The resort has an impressive design suitable for the luxury segment in Quy Nhon. With an area of 178m2 and 236m2, 1-storey design, each villa has a unique highlight connected to lush green gardens, close to nature with a private path to the sea, luxurious furniture and equipment. , private space and tropical style,… Maia Quy Nhon Resort naturally becomes a dream paradise by the sea with great real estate potential in the future.

QCONS is very honored and proud to be the Project Management and Construction Supervision Consulting unit contributing to the completion of this perfect and classy resort.